Understand your automotive insurance and the entire collision repair process

Begin with your vehicle insurance policy

Were you aware that it is your right to get only new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts for your repairs? Or that there are insurance companies that have part riders to cover OEM parts? More insurance policies automatically only cover aftermarket parts. Call your insurance provider and ask these questions:

1) Does my auto insurance policy include OEM parts cover?

2) Can I add an OEM parts rider to my current policy?

3) Does that ensure that if I am in an accident that the parts used to repair my vehicle are new OEM parts?

Insurance policy coverages varies depending on the insurance company. If your current auto insurance company does not offer OEM parts cover or a rider then it is time to shop around.

Once you understand your automotive insurance and have the best policy in place then you need to know the repair process. It is critical that you are aware that you have choices when it comes to your vehicles repairs.

   1) You have a right to chose any collision center that you want. Your insurance company cannot force you to go to a specific collision center in their network.

2) You do not have to release your vehicle to a collision center until you are ready. Do not be pressured by your insurance company.

3) You should review your estimates and agree to the parts and work listed before starting any repairs.




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